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Hello again, Tumblr! It’s been a while. Some people might remember my “alethiometer project” of last summer where I blogged about making alethiometers (from Phillip Pullman’s fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials) out of bottle caps. A couple of people even expressed interest in buying some. Well, if they’re still interested, now they can! I have decided to start selling my alethiometers on Etsy as necklaces and keyrings, in aid of one of my favourite non-profits, the Organisation for Transformative Works.

If you haven’t heard of the OTW, chances are you’ve probably read a fanfic on their site, Archive of Our Own or AO3. That’s right, they’re the group behind the Archive, and donations to the OTW are the reason that you’ll never have to pay to use the site or see ads on it. They also run a ton of other amazing projects such as the Fanlore Wiki (, academic discussions on fanworks (, legal advocacy ( and so much more. Visit to see the full list. So by buying an alethiometer, you’re supporting the future of fanworks!

Alethiometer necklaces are £2.50, keyrings £2, and they come in bronze, gold and copper (though there’s a slight wait on the copper while I order in chain and clasps. Send me an Ask if you want one and I’ll let you know when they’re in stock). I also have plans to make earrings and fob chains when the materials arrive in a few weeks. To find out more details or to buy one go to my Etsy shop, His Junk Materials (like the name? :D)

If you can’t afford or don’t want to buy an alethiometer, a reblog signal boost would be super appreciated. The OTW and I thank you! :3


This little girl, as seen on Humans of New York! (Hony)



This little girl, as seen on Humans of New York! (Hony)


Cute little water bender.



Cute little water bender.




The Alethiometer (from the Greek “Aletheia” - truth) is a device from Philip Pullman’s trilogy “His Dark Materials”. With it, you can ask any question and to get the truth in answer. On the dial of the Alethiometer are depicted 36 symbols, each of which has a huge variety of meanings.





oh god you can see mycroft looking back at the days of young and happy sherlock

This breaks my heart because Little baby Sherlock probably made Mycroft play pirate with him and now Mycroft is just sitting there thinking of all the times he didn’t play with him and he just sits there and  sobs and omg bby 

I am now going on an epic quest to find this fic, because I know it exists out there somewhere.

Edit: If it doesn’t, Grace, you should do something about that *cough cough hint hint wink wink* -K

There IS fic of this, and it is amazing. It’s not exclusively kid!lock or teen!lock, but contains some adorable flashbacks, and the significance of the pirate detail is just heartbreaking.

Those alethiometer necklaces of yours look amazing. Would you be interested in selling them? Because I would love to have one haha. :)

Sure I’m interested ;) Though I have no idea what I would charge! I’ve still yet to come up with a version that I’m pleased with enough to give or sell to anyone, so once I get to that point, I’ll figure it out. In the meantime I might make a list of interested people so I can keep track :3

Sorry to take a while in getting back to you - I’m not used to having messages to check! xD

would you be selling the alethiometers, or is it just a personal project?

Hmmm, yes and no. :) It’s a personal project, but I wouldn’t have any problem sharing the alethiometers around if people liked them enough to want one. I have the materials to make quite a few, and I’ve already had some requests from friends!

I worked on the bronze version of the alethiometer today. You can see from one of the photos that I’m doing gold ones, bronze ones, and one copper one for the lulz. I want the bronze ones to look more weathered and “antique”-like. I’m thinking of using a slightly different face for the gold ones when I do them (such as

I’ve run into a problem though, and I don’t mean the fact that my bronze alethiometer looks more gold/copper than bronze in a certain light. The problem is that I can’t seem to do the holes at the top in a way that allows a jump ring to go through them, which allows the whole thing to be strung into a chain. I got it to work once, on the gold-nail-varnish alethiometer, but haven’t managed it since. For this one I gave up and made the holes big enough to thread the chain itself through, but it’s not ideal to say the least. Next time, I’ll figure out the jump ring thing before I’ve gone to all the trouble of painting and gluing and varnishing. Otherwise I get too scared to mess up my lovely handiwork and can’t experiment properly.

In other news, I’m going to make a few of these into keyrings since I have some split ring keychains lying around. I can’t quite recall why.




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Gooooorgeous. <3

Behold my craft project for the summer: alethiometer necklaces. Made out of bottle caps. I made an alethiometer out of a tin lid when I was ten, so this should be easy, right? *famous last words*

Anyway, here you can see most of the materials I’ve assembled for making the necklaces - bottle caps, tiny brass screws for the dials (courtesy of Seasoned Woodworking on eBay), a needle to make the holes, and some gold chain. I still need to get hold of paint for the bottle caps, though. I’m planning on making two kinds, a gold kind and a bronze kind, so I’ve also ordered some gold and bronze jump rings and bronze chain to string them on, which will arrive in the next few days.

In the meantime, I’ve made two “prototypes” with the two bottle caps which were already gold. One turned out passably well, and you can see the finished article above. It’s strung on gold string rather than on chain because I messed up the holes a bit. 

The next batch will be hopefully of better quality since I’m planning to give a few away to friends and I want them to be half-decent. My experiments so far have taught me to line up the dials more carefully, and also that gold nail varnish does not make a good stand-in for gold paint.

The more you know.