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Behold my craft project for the summer: alethiometer necklaces. Made out of bottle caps. I made an alethiometer out of a tin lid when I was ten, so this should be easy, right? *famous last words*

Anyway, here you can see most of the materials I’ve assembled for making the necklaces - bottle caps, tiny brass screws for the dials (courtesy of Seasoned Woodworking on eBay), a needle to make the holes, and some gold chain. I still need to get hold of paint for the bottle caps, though. I’m planning on making two kinds, a gold kind and a bronze kind, so I’ve also ordered some gold and bronze jump rings and bronze chain to string them on, which will arrive in the next few days.

In the meantime, I’ve made two “prototypes” with the two bottle caps which were already gold. One turned out passably well, and you can see the finished article above. It’s strung on gold string rather than on chain because I messed up the holes a bit. 

The next batch will be hopefully of better quality since I’m planning to give a few away to friends and I want them to be half-decent. My experiments so far have taught me to line up the dials more carefully, and also that gold nail varnish does not make a good stand-in for gold paint.

The more you know.

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